Ronaldo announced a possible lawsuit against his former club Juventus

Ronaldo talked about his problems when he played in Italy

by Sededin Dedovic
Ronaldo announced a possible lawsuit against his former club Juventus
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Ronaldo's statement that he will sue his former club Juventus caused a lot of controversy. Since the departure of the Portuguese from Turin, we have been able to hear everything. After that, a very stormy episode at Manchester United that ended in a very ugly way.

Ronaldo seems to invite problems and controversies around himself, or is it just because of his name and influence.
One of the best football players in the history of football, the player of the Portuguese national team and Saudi Al-Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo, with his legal team started the process of suing Juventus.

The Portuguese is asking the Italian club for payment of 19.9 million euros in back wages that he did not receive during the so-called 'lockdown' caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the lawyers submitted all the paperwork to the prosecutor in Turin and started proceedings against Juventus.

Ronaldo only wants what is guaranteed by his contract

Wherever Ronaldo went, he had to be the main face in the club and the city, because of his appearance, but of course also because of his footballing qualities. However, it cost him many times, the fame turned on his head.

With this lawsuit, Ronaldo wants to take the money he should have received according to the contract, since he met the Italian club and agreed to postpone the payment for the period after the pandemic. During the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis caused by it, Juventus cut the salaries of its players twice.

First, in 2020, he cut the wages of all players equally to save money because there was no income from tickets and matches, and then in 2021, the management talked to each player individually about a pay cut. At that moment, Ronaldo was earning 31 million euros in net annual salary and agreed to postpone the payment of almost 20 million euros until the pandemic is over.

Juventus never paid him that money, so now he started the procedure. Previously, the Argentine soccer player and currently Roma member Paulo Dybala did the same, who agreed with Juventus to immediately pay him three million euros in wages.

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