FC Barcelona tried to bring back Neymar and almost succeeded

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FC Barcelona tried to bring back Neymar and almost succeeded

As long as the saga around Neymar's transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain lasted in the summer of 2017, the soap opera about his return to Camp Nou lasts even longer. The Catalans were at first amgry at the Brazilian for turning his back on them and choosing to move to Paris, but they soon forgave him.

Neymar also repented, so after two years at PSG, he wanted to return to Camp Nou. Barcelona quickly realized that Neymar was necessary for them and received the green light from him to negotiate return transfers. The problem was Paris Saint-Germain, who did not want to just give up the most expensive player in the history of football, for which he paid an astronomical clause of 222,000,000 euros.

Barcelona could not pay even the approximate amount mentioned ... In the summer of 2019, the spears were broken, Barcelona tried to bring the Brazilian back, but in the end he stayed in Paris. A lot of speculation and gossip came out that summer about the details of the negotiations, and now, for the first time, someone who was directly involved is speaking publicly about it.

Javier Bordas, who recently resigned as vice president in the administration of Josep Maria Bartomeu, has now spoken publicly about the events of the summer of 2019. "We offered Paris Saint-Germain 110,000,000 euros, plus Todibo, plus Rakitic and plus Dembele's loan.

They demanded 130,000,000, Todibo, Rakitic and the transfer of Dembele. Neymar was at 20,000,000 euros since returning to Camp Nou. Neymar's father said that he would personally pay the missing 20,000,000 euros, he put pressure on PSG, but the job was not finished in the end.

Neymar then even called my friend who has a villa in Barcelona to ask him about renting. He was so convinced to return ... Griezmann lives in that villa today ", says Bordas.

Mbappe was their wish

He also revealed that Barça wanted Mbappe when Neymar left.

"We could have bought them. While we were working on bringing Dembele, Mingel's manager called us and told us that we could bring Mbappe. I talked to President Bartomeu and he gave the green light to investigate the situation."

" I called Mbape's father and he told me that the player would definitely not go to Real because Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema were there at the time and that he was excited about the possibility of replacing Neymar in Barcelona."

"Even the president of Monaco was in favor of the option for the player to go to Barcelona so as not to strengthen his direct rival PSG. For 100,000,000 euros, we could have completed the transfer ... However, director Robert Fernandez preferred Dembele before Mbappe, and Pep Segura supported him."

"Their explanation was that Mbappe played more for himself and Dembele more for the team. And since we needed a wing instead of Neymar more than a finisher like Mbappe, Robert opted for Dembele. However, we tried to bring Mbappe on the last day of the transfer window. It was not feasible because he already had deal with PSG."