Paul Poga asks for doping counter-analysis, but his soccer future trembles

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Paul Poga asks for doping counter-analysis, but his soccer future trembles
Paul Poga asks for doping counter-analysis, but his soccer future trembles © Gabriele Maltinti / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Paul Pogba decided to ask for counter-analysis, submitting the request at the last minute after testing positive for testosterone during the Italian Serie A match between Udinese and Juventus. The test will take place on September 20th.

The Juventus and former Manchester United soccer player tested positive for testosterone after taking a supplement provided to him by a doctor friend of his, and now he risks seeing his career interrupted forever. The issue, according to Sky Sport Italy, will end up in court, with a probable disqualification.

If this occurs, Juventus will terminate the contract that binds the player until June 2026. In the next few hours we will understand more about the strategy of the player's lawyers. On the part of Juventus there is the prospect, in the event of disqualification and consequent termination, of saving several millions.

In the event of termination, Juve would cancel an item from the budget that would weigh more than 30 million in the next 3 years.

What happened

Pogba tested positive for doping and was suspended after testing positive for testosterone in Juventus' last match against Udinese, the opening match of the Italian Serie A.A press release reads: "Traces of testosterone were detected in the tests he underwent."The positive testosterone test would have been carried out after the match of the first day of the Italian Seire A, in Udine against Udinese: a match in which Pogba did not play.

The soccer star then played a few minutes in the matches against Bologna and Empoli.In cases like these, in fact, there is a real risk of a stop of up to four years, if the counter-analysis confirms the presence of testosterone, since it is not a substance prescribed by doctors.

Paul Pogba tested positive for doping Having returned to Juventus after 6 seasons at Manchester United, Poga played very little in 2022/2023 due to many physical problems, with only ten appearances and just 161 total minutes on the pitch. He had also been forced to miss the World Cup in Qatar for which he had risked by postponing the knee operation.


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