Gareth Southgate on Harry Maguire: I’ve never known a player treated way he is


Gareth Southgate on Harry Maguire: I’ve never known a player treated way he is
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England coach Gareth Southgate is disappointed with the reactions of the media and football fans after Harry Maguire scored an own goal in the match against Scotland. The English defender has been the target of criticism for a long time, and his every mistake is under scrutiny.

Southgate believes that Maguire is a great player, and that nobody has been treated this badly. "There has been ridiculous treatment of him for a long period of time - It’s a joke. I’ve never known a player treated way he is by our own pundits.

It’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen.
He's been an absolute stalwart for us in the second most successful team for decades. He's been an absolute key part of that
. "-Southgate said, as quoted by! Gareth was delighted with the game of his team, which showed quality from the very beginning.

They looked compact, they played with passion and in the end deservedly won. "Really pleased. I thought we were excellent in all phases of the game right from the start.
We wanted to control the game by using the ball well and I thought we did that well.

Today the players one to 11, and the subs, it was one of those days when they all did well.
At the weekend Ukraine sat really deep and we found it hard to create chances but today we had runners through."

Jude Bellingham

Bellingham was also the target of criticism in the match against Ukraine, but now he played an excellent match and received praise from Southgate.

Jude is one of Real Madrid's best players this season. Bellingham scored several key goals, and such performances are expected from him in the England jersey. "He doesn't have a point to prove to us, we know he is a really good player.

Saturday was not his best game, but we weren't at the level we wanted to be and we knew he has a fantastic personality to come back from that.
His performances have been outstanding and one performance isn't going to change that.

As an attacking eight, or where he played tonight, he looks to get into the box. Tonight his athleticism to press was so important. Scotland's system is difficult to play against so we slightly changed our system and he did that well."

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