BREAKING: Juventus for sale, but the club denies it!

After 100 years of ownership, the Agnelli family would have decided to say enough

by Lorenzo Ciotti
BREAKING: Juventus for sale, but the club denies it!
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What happened in Italian soccer was sensational. According to the news reported by the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, the Juventus owners are thinking of selling the historic and glorious club. The basic valuation would be around one and a half billion.

After 100 years of ownership, the Agnelli family would have decided to say enough. The article said that Juventus is in an open corporate and economic crisis with accounts on the verge of collapse and a devastated budget. The sale would not be an immediate and simple process: in addition to the liabilities of 250 million, there are revenues of 600 and higher debts, up to a stock market value of 800 million.

Already after the resignation of Andrea Agnelli there was talk of a possible change of ownership, then the Juventus leaders focused on the transfer market and the arrival of Giuntoli contributed to lowering both the average age of the team and the salary amount.

Now a new rumor about the handover, but Exor, at the moment, denies everything. It would seem that in the next corporate balance sheet, in which shareholders will be asked to cover the losses also linked to legal problems, Exor would have decided to sell the Juventus club because the balance sheet losses are considered no longer sustainable, with a base valuation it would be around to a billion and a half.
John Elkann and Exor, respectively the owner of the club and the company with the largest shareholding, have started to think about selling their ownership shares in view of the next budget.

The sensational statement from Juventus

After the article came out, a real sporting storm arose in Italy. An Exor spokesperson denies the possible sale of Juventus with a very clear statement: "The hypotheses put forward by a newspaper about the sale of Juventus are devoid of any foundation." We recall, about the technical area of the club, the new sporting director Giuntoli arrived to sell, and he didn't sell.

Not enough, at least. Above all, he couldn't buy it, but he made this clear, if not said clearly, the first time he spoke as Juventus manager.