Real Madrid wants more rewards

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Real Madrid wants more rewards

Although Real Madrid is expected to be as relaxed as possible, today it could unite a kind of triple crown that has not been seen in the books of the biggest club in the world since 1998. More precisely, in addition to the crown of the Spanish champions, Real Madrid could also win two big individual awards - for the best scorer in the Primera Division and the lowest number of goals conceded compared to the number of games played, or simply the Pichichi and Ricardo Zamora awards.
Of the three mentioned awards, Real Madrid currently holds "one and a half" in their hands.

The title of the champion has already been secured, and if Zidane does not put Tibo Courtois on the field, he will lose the award he has already won twice as an Atletico goalkeeper. And even if the Belgian plays, only a possible debacle would separate him from the Ricardo Zamora trophy, which would then go into the hands of Jan Oblak.

The Slovenian needs to save the net against Real Sociedad, and for Courtois to receive four goals from Leganes, which is hard to imagine at this moment ...

Benzema wants a reward

The most complicated thing will be to get the Pichichi recognition for the best shooter.

Karim Benzema has an obligation to score two goals in order to at least equal Lionel Messi. The Frenchman is currently at level 21, his second-best performance in the league since arriving at Real. Since the return of La Liga and Real's 10-win streak, Benzema has been the scorer of seven goals.
Interestingly, only five times in the club's history did it happen that Real combined the title with these two prestigious individual awards.

The last time that happened was in 1988 when Buyo was the best goalkeeper, and Hugo Sanchez was the scorer with 29 goals. It was Sanchez's third consecutive recognition out of a total of four, as much as he achieved as a player.
Since then, Buyo has taken the Ricardo Zamora award in 1992, and only Iker Casillas made such a success in 2008.

In the first case, the best scorer was Manolo from Atletico, while in the second case, the prize went to Dani Guiz.
The previous four cases when Real combined all the trophies were in 1933 (Zamora and Manuel Olivares), and in 1961, 1963 and 1964, always with the same duo - Train (three times the best goalkeeper) and Ferenc Puskas (top scorer in four occasions)