Liverpool lost 5 players due to injuries

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Liverpool lost 5 players due to injuries

Jurgen Klopp will not be able to sleep peacefully until the match with Leicester on Sunday. The national team break further embittered they already traumatic season In addition to being forced to make a completely new defense, the Liverpool coach will have to ask himself: "Who will play now?" Because, Jordan Henderson was also injured.

The midfielder of the English national team remained in the locker room during the break of last night's match with Belgium, because he was not able to continue the game, which was confirmed by England coach Gareth Southgate.

"Jordan felt the tension at half time and estimated that he couldn't go any further," Southgate said at the conference after the game. Asked if it was an injury to the back box, which had already plagued Henderson in mid-February, the 50-year-old expert did not want to speculate.

"I can't say medically for now. We will have to assess when we return to England, "Southgate pointed out Henderson will be examined by the medical team in St. George's Park during the day, where the England national team will prepare for the match with Iceland.

The Liverpool midfielder will almost certainly miss that match, especially since the Three Lions no longer have a theoretical chance of reaching the finals of the competition in the League of Nations, and at the same time they are safe from relegation to the second division.

Injured players

A much more important question is whether he will be able to make himself available to Klopp on Sunday. Because when it was confirmed at the end of October that Virgil van Dijk would have to miss most of the current season after the dangerous start of Jordan Pickford due to a knee injury, it seemed like the end of the world at Anfield.

Unfortunately, they were grossly mistaken. In the match with Everton, Thiago Alcantara was injured, and shortly afterwards, Fabinho, so that the national team obligations could end the champion of England. In just one week, the Reds lost five players !? First, on November 8, Trent Alexander-Arnold injured the leaf, three days later, Joe Gomez's knee "went away", and in the match with Serbia, Robertson lost his back box, so that Mohamed Salah became infected with the corona virus in Egypt.

And then yesterday's Henderson injury. At the same time, we should not forget that Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain has been "in the car" for a long time. A mitigating circumstance for the German expert is that the mentioned Alcantara and Fabinho are expected to return to training by the end of the week.

However, will Klopp dare to take a risk and immediately throw them into the fire against Leicester, considering that he will have ten games in the next month. Or he will simply be forced?