Real Madrid star shares shocking words on Hermoso-Rubiales' issue

Social media users rips the Real Madrid star after the words

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Real Madrid star shares shocking words on Hermoso-Rubiales' issue
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The issue concerning Spanish women soccer star Jenni Hermoso, who suffered a non-consensual kiss from the president of the Spanish soccer federation Luis Rubiales, is enriched with a new chapter, with the shocking words of Real Madrid star Dani Carvajal.

Not everyone openly sided with Jenni Hermoso. Spain and Real Madrid defender Dani Carvajal spoke about the issue with Onda Cero, saying: "The issue has become so politicized that you are afraid, you are afraid to express your opinion, you are afraid to say something that could be wrong or that could be interpreted incorrectly.

There are people who have to decide whether there is a culprit or a victim. Well, it will be known. So we cannot take a position or condemn one side or the other first without knowing really what happened, what was stipulated.

I defend the presumption of innocence, which is a constitutional right and I respect it, I cannot victimize or blame anyone without a definitive sentence." Social media users rip off Carvajal, calling him a fascist. In fact, the reaction of Marc Crosas, former Barcelona player, was of the same tone, posting on Twitter: "The captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team remains on the sidelines, because he doesn't know if Jenni is a victim of abuse of power, since she didn't report complaint.

You can't be more macho and more fascist."

What happened

The soccer player, according to, testified at the headquarters of the State Attorney General's Office, in Madrid, before the deputy prosecutor of the national court Marta Durantez.

The same prosecutor's office had opened an investigation against Rubiales on August 28, after the non-consensual kiss on the mouth by the president of the Spanish Football Federation, currently suspended by FIFA. The Spanish Football Federation also announced the official dismissal of the women's national team coach Jorge Vilda, despite the world title won and another year on his contract.

Vilda, in charge since 2015, had expressed support for Rubiales and was at odds with most of the Spanish national team's players. Vilda's successor, as made official by the Spanish Football Federation, will be Montse Tomé: she is the first woman to hold a position that until now has always been entrusted to men.

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