PSG wants to get rid of the great midfielder: Fans in fear?!

PSG is making big changes, judging by the latest moves

by Sead Dedovic
PSG wants to get rid of the great midfielder: Fans in fear?!
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Marco Verratti is not wanted by PSG, and he is rumored to be on his way out of the club. After Neymar, Icardi, Renato Sanches, and Paredes were sold in Luis Enrique's big purge, the Italian midfielder is the last one who stayed at PSG.

The Italian was a key midfielder of this team for years.

Marco Veratti© Kenta Harada / Getty Images Sport

The list of Champions League players did not even include Verratti, along with some others. Verratti has become an indispensable player for PSG, being a key part of the team's midfield.

He has become one of the most consistent players in the squad and established himself as a significant part of the team's identity. The question is how the fans will react. Currently, the French club is doing everything possible to remove the player who entered the team's recent history and renewed his contract in December.

Marco Veratti and his future

Al-Khelaifi's idea is to sell Veratti to Al-Arabi. After more than ten years in Paris, Verratti appears to have decided to leave the city after an agreement for 50 million euros has been reached.

For 90 million euros this summer, PSG sold Neymar to Al-Hillal, and Al-Ettifaq signed Wijnaldum from this team. PSG is looking to invest in younger players and is hoping to bring in some new talent to the club. Al-Khelaifi hopes that the sale of Veratti will help the club to make the necessary investments.

With the sale of Neymar and the potential sale of Verrati, the future of this team is uncertain. There is speculation that the club may be forced to let go of some of its players in order to make room for the new signings.

The performance of the team may suffer as a result of this, since the new players may not be as good as the ones who leave, which will result in a significant drop in quality. Whether this will result in a decline in the success of the team in the long run remains to be seen.