Jenni Hermoso drops a sensational act against Luis Rubiales

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Jenni Hermoso drops a sensational act against Luis Rubiales
Jenni Hermoso drops a sensational act against Luis Rubiales © Robert Cianflone / Staff Getty Images Sport

Jenni Hermoso, soccer star winner of the FIFA Women's World Cup with Spain, has formalized with the Prosecutor, the complaint for the non-consensual kiss given to her by the president of the Spanish Soccer Federation Luis Rubiales.

According to, Hermoso's statement is an essential requirement for the prosecution to be able to take action against Rubiales through a complaint that will be presented as soon as possible before the National Tribunal for events that occurred in a foreign country.

The State Attorney General's Office and the Madrid Attorney's Office already had several complaints from individuals and associations, but before Hermoso's statement, the Public Prosecutor had refused to act in the absence of any complaint or public pronouncement by the player.

The gesture consumed by the man, now suspended from his duties, took place during the ceremony following the victory of the World Cup in Australia. According to, Hermoso had the option of sending a letter, but she decided to do it in person.

In a statement published on her social channels, however, he had immediately clarified that the kiss had not been consensual, nor to his liking. The investigative procedure had been opened on August 28 and the prosecutor, Marta Durántez, had approached the footballer to offer her the possibility of joining the procedure by formalizing her public denunciation.

Jenni's words

Previously, Hermoso explained: "My players' union and I are working to ensure that acts like the ones we have witnessed do not go unpunished, are sanctioned and the necessary measures are taken to protect players from actions we deem unacceptable." Her soccer player colleagues sided with Jenni: "Following the events that occurred this morning and given the perplexity over the speech given by the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar, the players of the senior national team, world champions, support Jennifer Hermoso and want to express their firm and absolute condemnation for behaviors that have violated the dignity of women."