Mbappe wants to extend the contract but in one condition

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Mbappe wants to extend the contract but in one condition

Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid.This topic will be inevitable until the status of the best young player in the world is definitely resolved. Now, what's that supposed to mean? Without much hesitation - either Mbappe will agree to a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain, or he will move to the Santiago Bernabeu next summer.

There are currently pata tickets. Neither PSG has an agreement with the French national team player to extend the cooperation, nor did Florentino Perez get a moment to take action. Madrid's As writes that the two sides (PSG and Real) plan to work more intensively on the Mbappe case in the coming weeks.

On the one hand, there are statements by Brazilian Leonardo as confirmation that the Saints are embarking on a mission to preserve the biggest stars ("We have to adapt to reality and the current economic climate, but certainly keep in mind talks with Di Maria, Neymar and Mbappe about new contracts.

We will intensify all in the coming days), on the other hand, there are claims by the Spanish newspaper that Perez provided the money for the first official offer.

180 milion transfer

For now, Perez is silent and calmly waits for the Frenchman to enter the last 12 months of the contract.

As much as the mentioned figure does not look realistic at this moment and does not reflect the true value of Kyllian Mbappe, next June it could look as tempting for Parisians. Because they could face two options: a sale for 180,000,000 euros or a huge risk and the most probable loss of the greatest treasure in a year for free.

What goes hand in hand with Perez and Real is Mbappe's reluctance to start talks with the Saints about a new contract. The young striker, writes As, would not just reject the offer of a new multi-year cooperation with a large salary increase, but he would demand certain clauses in the contract.

The most important ones would refer to the possibility of going to certain clubs at a "special price" So, the contract would have to state the exact number for which, say, Real could take him. That would certainly not be a small price, but not a figure that any great could not afford.

In that way, Mbappe would be secured from several sides. He would receive a significant salary increase, and yet he would not distance himself too much from the transfer to Real, in case, for example, the Royal Club postpones the attack for a year or two due to the specific financial situation.

Finally, there is the assessment of colleagues from Spain: currently, PSG is closer to extending cooperation than Real Transfer. But who can guarantee that it will be like that next summer?