Dayot Upamecano: Klopp wants to bring him in January

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Dayot Upamecano: Klopp wants to bring him in January

It is not nice to be happy about someone else's bad luck, but sometimes it can be - profitable. Such is the situation in which Liverpool and Red Bull Leipzig are involved. A serious injury to Joe Gomez, who may return to the field before the end of the season, along with the previously injured Virgil van Dijk, put the Reds in a situation where they were left with only Joel Matip as the only healthy defender.

And that is why Liverpool will have to buy in the winter. And, as the britain media write, the first pick whose name Jurgen Klopp underlined twice is Dayot Upamecano, the central defender of Red Bull Leipzig. The flirtation between Liverpool and Upamecano lasts for a long time, but the initial idea of ​​Jurgen Klopp was to bring the dark-skinned defender in summer.

The Red Bull player has a fixed redemption clause of 42,000,000 euros in his contract, but which is only valid for the summer. It's not too much money, especially for the English champions. However, circumstances have changed.

Liverpool need a central defender urgently. If only he could bring him as much as he does today. That is why they are considering the option at Anfield to hurry with Upamecano and bring him in January, but that will surely cost them more.

Leipzig has no obligation to sell the player for the winter, the clause is not valid and he will be able to bid, to ask for the amount that suits him, for how much he estimates that he can expel from Liverpool's coffers.

Kabak and White

A similar situation was when the Reds brought Keita from Leipzig, they did not activate the buyout clause, but they had to pay beyond that. They made a quick wish list at Anfield, so if they fail to bring Upamecano, the reserve options are Ben White from Brighton and Ozan Kabak from Schalke.

Liverpool have always been lucky with new players who have justified Klopp's trust, so many believe that Klopp will know who the best choice is this time as well. However, it will not be easy for them to achieve the result from last year.

Key defender Virgil Van Dijk is injured and we know how important his appearance on the field is. Klopp will probably work much harder if he wants to achieve the result from last year. Whether he will succeed in that campaign remains to be seen in the coming period