Sergio Ramos could sign for PSG

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Sergio Ramos could sign for PSG

Negotiations on a new contract for Sergio Ramos have already taken too long, even to the extent that those who were convinced until yesterday that the captain will stay until the end of his career at the Santiago Bernabeu have started fishing for speculation from various sides.

And there are lot of rumours. The last one placed from Chiringit's kitchen says that Paris Saint-Germain is closely monitoring the situation around Ramos, while some Italian media do not rule out the possibility that Juventus could resort to its well-tried and favorite method of bringing players without compensation.

And that would certainly not be all of the interest. But what is the problem with Ramos and Real? It is not difficult to assume that it is about money, ie the length of the contract, which currently distances the two parties from the agreement.

In short, the captain wants a minimum of two years of cooperation with the same salary (around 12,000,000 euros per season), while Florentino Perez insists on a one-year contract and a 20 percent reduction in his salary.

At the moment when Sergio Ramos breaks records in the jersey of the Spanish national team, ie when he has a great season with as many as 13 goals, and the current one in which he reached the figure of 100 goals for Madrid, it is clear that his negotiating position is quite good and expects Perez to give in and agree to the set conditions.

But as it has not happened yet, and by January and the beginning of the period when players can sign pre-contracts with other clubs, there are less than two months, it is not surprising that speculations have started whether Ramos could look for happiness in another club, another city.


"Five years ago, I talked to people from Paris Saint-Germain. They told me that the club would become a European reference," Jose Alvarez from Chiringita began the story. "Then came Neymar, Mbape ... They asked me if I knew who could be one of the most important props at one point.

And they told me - Sergio Ramos. In PSG, it doesn't matter how old you are. If they want you bring - they will bring you " Ramos would definitely mean Paris in terms of playing. But not only that. PSG as a club would make a big step forward if it managed to hire the symbol of another big club.

Such a transfer would be an upgrade on everything that has been achieved so far, and the door would probably be opened for some more big names from some other great teams. Leonardo knows all this very well and that is why, claims Chiringit, he is ready to put a blank check in front of Ramos.

Even if there is a possible split with Real, PSG would not be the only one to throw the hook towards Madrid. The Italians write that they value Sergio Ramos highly at Juventus and have no problem with his age. Moreover, the defense of the Old Lady has been led for decades by players in their serious years, even veterans.

Rich English clubs should also not be excluded, but neither should going to MLS, where Beckham's Inter Miami stands out as the main candidate in the race for the Spaniard.