Vincenzo Grifo made a great debut for Italy

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Vincenzo Grifo made a great debut for Italy

Serious football nations have no problem calling players aged 25, 27 or 30 to the national team for the first time. The Italians seem to be at the forefront of this. Because it was often able to bring them a lot of good. Let's not go back to history ...

Roberto Mancini knows very well about all these cases and for two years he has been persistently "betting" on Vincenzo Grifo, a guy born in Germany, whom he occasionally calls to the A selection. And he finally got what he expected from him.

In a friendly match with Estonia (4: 0), the Freiburg midfielder returned the trust with two goals, the first of which was really great - a bomb from 25 meters. And others are from white spot. After such an edition, it is not excluded that Grifo will get a chance in one of the more important matches ...

He was born and raised in Germany

"I am really happy to be in the national team, and I am even happier because of the first goals in the national team jersey," said the 27-year-old Grifo. "Everyone knows that I never thought of playing for another country.

Italy is in my heart. Yes, I was born and raised in Germany, but I am 100 percent Italian. I want to dedicate these goals to my parents." Grifo is aware of the competition in the Azzuri national team, but he believes in himself ...

"There are a lot of good players ... They are all stars from Juventus, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, many other big clubs. I play in Freiburg and I know I have a lot to learn. I will do my best to earn the invitation again."

It is interesting that Grifo did not succeed in any bigger club than Freiburg. He tried in Hoffenheim - it didn't work. He was bought by Monchengladbach in 2017 for 6,000,000 euros - it didn't work. Last year, he returned to Freiburg and played as well as he could.

And the reward arrived. The fact that he played for the national team will make it easier for him to transfer to a bigger club where Grifo deserved a place. It will be difficult for Freiburg to save such a player, especially now after being called to the Italian national team.

Grifo has been patient and waited all these years to show off his football skills and now he has finally fulfilled his potential. It remains to be seen whether he will remain loyal to Freiburg or will go somewhere else next summer