Quique Setien set to be fired?

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Quique Setien set to be fired?

The situation in Barcelona is currently bad. Barcelona handed over the championship crown, which was raised by the eternal rival Real. But it is also the smallest problem. The biggest is the complete disintegration of the game, because of which Lionel Messi cried out that Barcelona will also be eliminated by Napoli in the Champions League.

And, only six months ago, Ernesto Valverde was replaced, because Barça played badly, and Quique Setien came, who also ruined what was good. The coach of the Catalan giant had an extraordinary meeting with the leaders of the club, after which it was ordered that he would stay until the end of the season.

And Setien hopes to stay much longer. Although there are no big reasons for that optimism. “Whenever I get to a place, I think that I will stay there for a lifetime, preparing myself for the future. I am still happy and I am tremendously satisfied to have this opportunity”.

, said Setien from today's press conference, as quoted by blaugranagram. Although the media in Spain claim that war is raging in the Barcelona locker room, that the players are ignoring the professional staff due to the outdated working methods used by Setien and his assistants, the coach does not see any major problems there.

"There are some new situations, which the management and the players who have won everything alive for 15 years, do not see in the same way. There are problems that need to be solved, but I see all that as a normal thing for a club like this.


Setien on Messi

The media are also buzzing that Leo Messi is the leader of the rebellion, the first star of the team who does not talk to the first coach. "There are things we agree on and disagree with. But all this is normal.

He is completely right when he says that if we continue to play like this, we will not do anything. Although, we also had some good games. We are all aware that we need to improve. If we can do that against Villarreal, when everything went well for us, then we can do it in the Champions League.

" Setien is persistent in the attitude that everything that happens in Barca is normal. So is the extraordinary meeting with the leaders of the club. "Such meetings are common. Everyone is worried that the team is not progressing and we are looking for the best solution.

The meeting was a preparation for the coming days. We are aware that some very attractive challenges await us. " Finally, when asked if he would resign, Quique said: "The day I came, I said I would enjoy it until the last day.

I still enjoy it, no matter the circumstances, because I never thought it would be easy. Nothing happens to me that hasn't happened before. I never had that desire to leave ", said Setien.