United States men's national soccer team has great future

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United States men's national soccer team has great future

It was said that football would turn black, the African selection would conquer the world, so that has not happened (yet). Europeans and South Americans have won all previous cups at the World Cup, and the United States will try to break the dominance of the superpowers from our and the Green Continent.

Although they have never achieved anything great in the biggest football competition, the Americans are keen to rule the planet. Not immediately, but in six years, when the final tournament is held on their territory, together with Mexico and Canada.

The Americans will have a huge motive, they will be the hosts, so they are already catching up with what awaits them in the future. "Everyone wants to participate in the World Cup, especially in the United States jersey.

We want to play in the final tournament and achieve a great result for America. We haven't gotten far yet, but we will try to win the tournament. I believe that the next generation will be special and that we will prove it to the rest of the world ", says Serginho Dest bravely.

Dest on World Cup 2026

Barcelona right-back, bought this year from Ajax, hopes are based on pearls in the biggest European clubs. Besides him, Christian Pulisic is in Chelsea, Weston McKennie is in Juventus, Giovanni Reyna is in Borussia Dortmund ...

"I would say that we are one of the favorites to win the cup in 2026. America will shock many." Of course, not immediately, because the next big competition, in two years in Qatar, is treated by the Americans as a chance for the talented generation to reach the title four years later.

"The ball is round, we have a chance too. It will be even bigger in 2026. There are a lot of young football players in the national team. "The next World Cup in Qatar should serve us to gather valuable experience, I hope that we will go far in it as well, only it is still early to talk about it," added Serginho Dest.

History says that the best placement of the USA in the world championships is the semifinals from Uruguay in 1930, however, it should be reminded that only 13 teams participated in the premier World Cup. They reached the quarterfinals in South Korea and Japan in 2002, when they were stopped by Germany.

Can they reach the top in six years? They currently have a strong team that is very young. Their players have a lot of potential and the USA seems to be putting more and more money into football. Such a policy has led to results: Young USA players play in strong European clubs and a great future awaits them