Jurgen Klopp on the offer for Mohammed Salah and the danger of the Saudis


Jurgen Klopp on the offer for Mohammed Salah and the danger of the Saudis
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Recently, there has been a lot of information related to the departure of Mohammed Salah to Al-Ittihad. However, it seems that this transfer will not happen. In an interview with the media, Jurgen Klopp confirmed that there has been no contact between Liverpool and Al-Ittihad so far.

However, even if an offer had arrived at the address, Klopp emphasized that the club would immediately reject such an offer. ‘It’s a bit difficult to talk about media stories because there is nothing to talk about.

We don’t have an offer he’s a Liverpool player. To all the things we do he is essential, he was and will be, there is nothing there. If there was something the answer would be no. In my life I think about a problem when I have it.

There’s nothing at the moment. When something comes up then I can think about it. If there would be something there is a no.' - he said, as quoted by METRO, Jurgen Klopp reacted to the reporter's question whether Salah will remain loyal to Liverpool; ‘100%.

’- Klopp said.

Jurgen Klopp on Saudis

The German is worried about the actions of Saudi Arabia, considering that the Saudis are 'stealing' a large number of players from European clubs. Klopp hopes that FIFA could change these things in the future to stop this trend.

‘It’s not cool for us, that’s clear. If we want a player from Wigan, say, we go there and we pay the price. Same in the Bundesliga etc. Now there’s a next level and it’s not great but this is part of the business.

I’m not sure you can change that.
What makes it impossible to deal with is our transfer window closes and they stay open. Then we play until January 1 and this is our squad, we have that problem
. I remember something like this in Russia long time ago.

That was not completely crazy money. It’s new and challenging I am pretty sure FIFA could [change their deadline] like this (clicks finger) but I am not sure they want to.’

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