Messi's Unprecedented Scoring Streak for Inter Miami Concludes

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Messi's Unprecedented Scoring Streak for Inter Miami Concludes
Messi's Unprecedented Scoring Streak for Inter Miami Concludes © Getty Images Sport/Andy Lyons

One of the footballing world’s most esteemed and talented figures, Lionel Messi, recently showcased a scintillating run of form for his current club, Inter Miami. For seven straight games, every time Messi approached the ball, fans held their collective breath, anticipating that the Argentinian maestro would once again find the net.

And for seven games in a row, they weren’t disappointed.

Unbroken Record: Seven Games, Ten Goals

Messi's adaptation to Major League Soccer has been nothing short of spectacular. In just his first seven games for Inter Miami, Messi netted a staggering ten goals.

Every game, without fail, he found a way through the opposition's defenses, reminding spectators worldwide why he's often hailed as one of the game's greatest. However, every streak – no matter how awe-inspiring – has its end.

Messi's incredible run came to a conclusion during the high-stakes US Open Cup semi-final against Cincinnati. Even though he did not score, Inter's most celebrated acquisition played a pivotal role in their progress to the next stage.

A Nail-Biting Semifinal

The semi-final was the stuff of legends. With a 2:2 scoreline after the standard 90 minutes, both teams rallied in the added half-hour to score once more, leaving them deadlocked at 3:3.

While Messi didn’t register a goal, his influence was still undeniably vital for the team. He registered two assists, the most notable being in the dying moments of regular time. In the 97th minute, with impeccable precision, Messi provided Campana the ball, which was then driven into the net for an equalizer, pushing the game into extra time.

Although penalties aren't considered part of the regular scoring record, Messi stepped up as the first taker for Inter Miami, confidently finding the back of the net. However, this did not extend his scoring streak.

Looking Ahead: The US Open Cup Final

The end of a streak does not signify the end of brilliance.

Messi will have another chance to showcase his unrivaled skills on September 27, 10:00 p.m., when Inter Miami squares off against Houston Dynamo in the final of the US Open Cup. As the Florida club seeks its second trophy, eyes will undoubtedly be on Messi, awaiting another moment of magic.

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