PSG players anonymously chose their captain: Mbappe may be disappointed!


PSG players anonymously chose their captain: Mbappe may be disappointed!
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Every player had to choose who they wanted to be their captain and why. In spite of Kylian Mbappe's passion for it, he was unable to gain the trust of his teammates even as he had the greatest desire for it. Furthermore, he was not even included in the Top 3 in the selection process.

There seems to be little trust in him among his colleagues, especially after all that has occurred and all that has come to pass about him and his future. While the Italian is no longer part of Luis Enrique's plans, Brazilian defender Marquinhos remains captain, defeating Marco Verratti in the final vote.

Several other athletes were shortlisted as well, including Daniel Pereira and Presnel Kimpembe, but it was Marquinhos who won the award in the end. It was for the first time that, during the voting process on Friday, Marquinhos received the most votes, as he seemed to be the most trusted person by everyone.

Under both Galtiero and Pochettino, Marquinhos has served as a captain, and his leadership in the French capital can be confidently predicted.

Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid

The players had no difficulty choosing a captain, however, because Luis Enrique wanted them to have the freedom to make this decision for themselves.

It has been reported that PSG has set a price of 250 million euros on Mbappe and is hoping that Real Madrid will make a late bid, while the Royals are waiting patiently for developments in the situation. After the end of the season, the Parisians hope that the Frenchman will accept a new contract from the club, as his current contract is set to expire.

The club's management changed its mind and decided to reinstate him back to the team after they removed him from the team because he did not want to sign the contract. In light of this, many were of the opinion that negotiations had reached a breakthrough, and that Mbappe was now ready to sign a "small" contract at the very least