Do you know which club Fabrizio Romano supports?

In spite of the fact that Romano is from Naples, he does not support the Napoli team

by Sead Dedovic
Do you know which club Fabrizio Romano supports?

He receives information about possible transfers from all the top clubs in the world on a daily basis, which is truly amazing. When it comes to transfers, his word has indeed become very "hard" when it comes to them, especially since he almost never seems to make a mistake.

In spite of the fact that Romano is from Naples, he does not support the Napoli team, which is the common belief among people. As a matter of fact, his favorite club is a team from the Championship, namely Watford. This information was revealed by Romano on his official Twitter account in the year 2019.

"Honestly, I support Watford because they are my club from Fifa and Football Manager for 15 years. They also have Italian owners," Romano wrote at the time. Here we go has become a holy place for transfers over the years, but on five occasions, Romano has made a serious mistake when it comes to transfers.
The phrase "Here we go" has become synonymous with a completed transfer, in which we have all become a lot more confident in recent times, but Romano used to make a great deal of "big" mistakes as well.


It would seem that Roman's "Here we go" was incorrect as many as five times in the course of his career, but he covered over those errors very well in the end. In the famous Here we go, Romano claimed that Gini Wijnaldum would continue his career at Barcelona and declared that he would keep his feet in the Spanish city.

However, that did not happen and this footballer ended up at Paris Saint-Germain. There were two mistakes Romano made in Ziyech's case. In the beginning, there was the Here we go transfer to PSG and then here we go again to Al Nassr.

In any case, neither of these two transfers occurred, and Ziyech is still a Chelsea player. It was the fourth time he announced that Joao Pedro would be going to Newcastle, but that did not transpire and he stayed at Watford instead.

Likewise, Adrien Rabiot's Here we go to Barcelona was a mistake also. Romano claimed that everything was agreed, but this transfer never happened either.