Roma Welcomes Back Familiar Faces: Renato Sanches and Leandro Paredes

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Roma Welcomes Back Familiar Faces: Renato Sanches and Leandro Paredes
Roma Welcomes Back Familiar Faces: Renato Sanches and Leandro Paredes

In a move that has garnered significant attention within football circles, AS Roma officially confirmed the addition of two notable names to its roster: Renato Sanches and Leandro Paredes. Both players were procured from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of Europe's top football clubs.

Sanches' New Challenge at Olimpico

Renato Sanches, the Portuguese midfield maestro, has arrived at the Olimpico on loan. However, there’s a twist: Roma’s manager, Vučica, is mandated to purchase his contract outright if certain specified conditions are fulfilled during his tenure at the club.

Only a few hours after his teammate Paredes was introduced, Sanches made his own debut appearance in the Eternal City. Expressing his elation, Renato remarked, “I’m so happy to have joined this huge club. The Roma project really won me over, and I feel that playing here is the right choice for me”.

The heartwarming welcome that Sanches received from the fervent Roma supporters evidently moved him. “It’s so important for any player to feel the support of the fans," he shared. "The impact I felt on my first day here made it crystal clear how deeply these fans cherish their team.

This can only motivate me further to give my utmost on the field and bring triumphs to the club”.

Paredes' Homecoming

For Leandro Paredes, the move isn’t about starting anew but rather about reconnecting with familiar territory.

The midfielder had previously donned the Roma jersey between 2014 and 2017. After a season-long loan stint at Juventus from PSG, Paredes is now back in the Roman outfit. Paredes' sentiment was palpable as he reflected on his return: "Coming back to Rome is always a special thing, but doing so now as a Roma player is even more special." He went on to express gratitude for the warm reception he’s received: "I’d like to thank the fans for welcoming me and Roma for bringing me back to the club where I launched my career in Europe." Drawing upon his recent successful run with the World Cup, Paredes voiced his ambitions for the future, saying, "Last year was incredibly fulfilling for me.

Now, I want to continue experiencing that kind of success, and I'm confident I can achieve that with this team”.