Manchester United legend angry at Mohamed Salah's behavior

"You have the right to be nervous, but everything has its limits"

by Sead Dedovic
Manchester United legend angry at Mohamed Salah's behavior

It has been a very close game between Liverpool and Chelsea in the English Premiership's first round (1:1). During the 18th minute, Luis Diaz scored a goal for the Reds, and a few minutes after that, Mohamed Salah scored a goal which was disallowed by VAR.

Eventually, Chelsea did manage to equalize, as the Blues' new signing Axel Disasi scored in the 37th minute, for what would turn out to be a 1-1 draw as a result of Disasi's goal. The following two minutes saw Chelsea take the lead, but Chilwell's goal was disallowed for a really small offside.

After that, Chelsea came to dominate the game and kept the situation under control more in the rest of the game, which was why Jurgen Klopp took Salah off the pitch in the 77th minute and replaced him with Harvey Elliott, a young player who promises a lot.

Mohamed Salah and his reaction

This decision made by Klopp did not go down well with the best player of the Reds. As a result of his frustration, Liverpool's striker began to tear the tape off his arm and toss it around the pitch in an attempt to vent his frustration.

As soon as he left, he walked straight to the bench without even looking at the German coach. Additionally, Salah did not seem to appreciate the words of support he received from his teammates who sat on the bench. In response to the incident, former Manchester United player Roy Keane has issued a statement.

In his message to the member of the Egyptian national team, the Irishman had a few things to say. "You have the right to be nervous, but everything has its limits. First, Salah shook his head, and then he sat down on the bench with great pretensions.

Sit down and be quiet!" Keane said. "You have to accept such decisions whether you like it or not. In the past, even better players than Salah were taken out of the game due to tactical changes by the coach". Jurgen Klopp also addressed the incident in a press conference. According to the German, one of Liverpool's best players has never left the field with a smile on his face.

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