Will Zinedine Zidane be sacked soon?

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Will Zinedine Zidane be sacked soon?

The bench on which Zinedine Zidane sits is shaking. Last season's title masked problems that are obviously not small, while in the new one, it is as if every next game reveals a new failure. When you are the coach of the biggest club in the world, old merits do not exist.

With the first failures, everything is erased, all trophies and all great things, and that is why the issue of the status of one of the most trophy-winning coaches in the history of the club is raised again in Madrid. Cause: Real Madrid has not played as expected for a long time.

It is that old story that at the Bernabeu it is not enough just to win trophies, you have to win them with style and justify the epithet "royal" every day. The reason: Last night's debacle at Mestalla and a heavy 1: 4 match with the stumbled Valencia, which has not beaten anyone for a month until last night.

In conclusion, Real Madrid tied seven games in which they conceded at least one goal. That he receives four from a team - and that it is not Barcelona - did not happen to him for a full five years, when Atletico beat him in the city derby with 4: 0.

And all that after the triumph over Barça in the derby and Inter in the Champions League, which hinted at stabilization and an upward trajectory. The painful defeat by Valencia took Madrid a few steps back and made some bad numbers thicker.

That is the worst since Zidane sat on the Real bench.

Bad games

"There is no defense or attack this season. And although he somehow played difficult matches with Barcelona and Inter, the reality is something completely different - the overall result is very worrying," reads the text of the Madrid Marca, which has no understanding for such releases of Real Marid.

"Real is not a leader in either La Liga or the Champions League. That shows that something is wrong." And just like that. In his first term, Zidane "masked" the bad editions in the championship with incredible successes in Europe.

Real longs for the title only when they are not there for a few years or when Barça approaches them in terms of the total number of trophies. Coming to that "obligatory" title is not so important in style, and then everything returns to "normal" - both result and beauty are required.

This season, Marca states, there is neither one nor the other. And at the same time, fourth place in the league, third in the Champions League. In short - unacceptable.