Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole in the dilemma of who is the best right winger in football

After Arsenal's great performance, the former Manchester United and Chelsea players created a debate about who is the best right winger in football

by Sead Dedovic
Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole in the dilemma of who is the best right winger in football

Bukayo Saka once again showed how important a player he is for Arsenal in the match against Nottingham Forrest. Namely, this football player was one of the best individuals in the last match. Saka scored a great goal and had a lot of good moves.

His games caused controversy among BT Sports pundits and former Premier League players, Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole. In his address, Ferdinand revealed who he thinks is the best right wing in the world of football. “I think [Mohamed] Salah is in the conversation,” Ferdinand said, as quoted by “I think Salah right now gets more goals, so I’d put Salah maybe ahead of him.
He’s got the experience, he’s won things as well, his resume is that much more full because of his age and his experience.
This kid is on the way and the track to get to them heights.

You’ve got to remember Salah was hitting late 20s, 30 goals a season consistently. He’s got to get to that, I think he will.
I think his importance to the team is the big thing. He is so important to this Arsenal team, one of if not the most important player in this team.
I think if you’re going to talk about the top right-wingers in the world, he’s in the top three without a question of doubt for me”.

Joe Cole responded

However, Joe Cole had a counterargument. The former Chelsea player believes that Salah and Saka cannot be compared for many reasons. Cole did not forget to mention Leo Messi either. “I don’t think there’s anyone else in world football, apart from maybe the main man who’s on the slide now Messi, who has got a left foot as good as his coming in from that position," Cole said.

"It is exquisite.
You have to think as well, the comparisons with Salah is a massive compliment to Saka. Salah is top, top drawer, top class but Salah at Saka’s age hadn’t put the body of work in that Saka’s already done.
We all wax lyrically about him here, but I still think he’s such a gem, we’re so lucky to have him and this club’s lucky to have him.
He’s got such great ability and yeah, he’s standing on the shoulder with all of them players in his position in world football”.

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