Declan Rice: Since I've been at Arsenal, I look at football in a different way

"I'm honestly seeing the game in a completely different way already"

by Sead Dedovic
Declan Rice: Since I've been at Arsenal, I look at football in a different way

Declan Rice arrived at Arsenal as a huge reinforcement and a player from whom big things are expected. In an interview with TNT Sports, Rice talked about his impressions after joining the London team and the things that particularly impressed him.

It seems that the Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, left the biggest impression on him. Rice emphasized that in just one month, he began to look at football in a completely different way. He is impressed by how detailed work is done in such a club and the way Arteta explains the game.

“In the last four weeks, I’ve grown so much already and learned so much about football that I hadn’t seen before.
I'm honestly seeing the game in a completely different way already. Tactically, on the ball, off the ball.

I'm happy to know I'm learning so much because I'm trying to push myself to learn. Since the Community Shield, I feel I've taken a big step; everything is starting to click.
I was blown away [by Arteta]; and working with him day-to-day, it’s just another level.
Seeing how he works, how his mind operates, picking up stuff, seeing how he goes into detail on the opposition, and how he wants to improve us as players, individually and collectively, is really impressive.
It’s just the finer details of what he goes into, so there are no excuses on matchday.

You can’t say, ‘we’ve not worked on this or that' You’re given everything and it’s literally down to you to go and perform. The finer details you go into are on another level, and I’ve never seen that before."- he said, as quoted by EUROSPORT

Declan Rice

Rice is excited about the new chapter in his career, and he is aware that Arsenal is a club from which much greater things are expected than this is the case at West Ham.

Arteta is a manager who always demands more from his players and strives for his team to be the best. “From the moment I walked in the door, the thing that shocked me most is how much [winning] is drilled into the club, and the way the manager is drilling it into the players about winning, and not being far off being one of the best teams in the world.
That's what excites me and that's why I came to Arsenal; to win things, to play under Mikel, and play with these players. It's such an exciting project to join”.

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