It is still unknown whether Alaba will extend his contract with Bayern Munchen

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It is still unknown whether Alaba will extend his contract with Bayern Munchen

When it comes to Bayern, usually the questions about the player's contract do not turn into months of sagas, but sometimes the Bavarian giant has exceptions.

Such is the case with David Alaba, whose contract expires in the summer, and he will not sign a new one.

That is, he will, but not under the conditions offered by Bayern, but he is asking for much, much more. It was written and talked in the previous days that Bayern gave up on Alaba and that they would no longer "fight" with him, but the general manager of the German champion Karl-Heinz Rummenigge claims that this is not true, that there is still room for an agreement.

They are also aware at Bayern how important Alaba is and how much time he has spent there. Once a teenager and their great hope is now one of the best players in his position, but Bayern is exactly the one who made him a player as he is today "You have to deal with problems like this calmly.

Alaba has been with us for 12 years and he has been a very important player all that time. The very fact that he wants to stay at the club, even under his conditions, means that the possibility of an agreement should not be ruled out.

The door is still open, "Rumenige said in an interview with Kicker.


When it comes to negotiations, there is no room for vanity and anger, explains the legend of German football.

"Regardless of everything, we need to look at the quality of the player and the quality of the person in the right way.

It is necessary to look for a way that is acceptable for both parties. All of this takes on a bit of Hollywood storytelling, but it’s not all that bad. "Given what 2020 looked like, we are far from Hollywood FC," Rumenige underlined.

It is certain that David Alaba is one of the most important players of Bayern Munich and that he is the main link in their defense. This is not surprising given the qualities of the Austrian and the abilities he has shown since arriving in Munich.

Whether Alaba's manager really wants to earn much more and provoke the interests of other clubs we still don't know, but it is certain that many clubs stand in line for Alaba and are looking forward to the situation related to his contract extension.