Rio Ferdinand: Rasmus Hojlund will need time to adjust


Rio Ferdinand: Rasmus Hojlund will need time to adjust
Rio Ferdinand: Rasmus Hojlund will need time to adjust

It is fair to say that Manchester United fans have high hopes for Rasmus Hojlund as a player. In spite of this, there are also those who are not optimistic, believing it is going to take some time before the Dane will be able to show his full potential.

As a legend of Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand expressed his satisfaction with the arrival of the former Atalanta striker on the Manchester United team. He believes that Hojlund is a great addition to the team, however, he also believes that his price is too high for the club.

‘The first thing you’ve got to look at is there’s huge potential,’ Ferdinand said, as quoted by METRO. ‘Anyone who has seen him play will see there are attributes there that you would like. He’s suited to the Premier League.

I think the price tag is out of his hands. I look at it a bit like Darwin Nunez from Liverpool. Last season was his adjusting season.'

Rio Ferdinand reacts

Rio Ferdinand is confident that this is Darwin Nunez's year to show the world what kind of player he really is.

There is a period of adaptation that a soccer player must go through before they become a star, especially if they are a young one. In Italy, Hojlund has proven that he can play the best league in the world (the Premier League) with the best players.

‘He’s a young striker coming to the league, everything about him fits the Premier League perfectly but it didn’t go as well as he would of liked. But I think this season we’ll see a different player for Liverpool.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens with Hojlund although I’d like him to have a better season than that, obviously. He may well do but it will take time to adjust. The attributes are there but you’re going to be paying big.’

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