Lazio took a point from Juventus in the last moments

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Lazio took a point from Juventus in the last moments

Everything that they successfully built in 90 minutes, Juventus spilled in the referee's compensation of the derby with Lazio - 1: 1. At the last second. Literally. If the champion and his boss had won the match, they would have been praised for the won tactical battle and the important triumph over the rival, which brought him a lot of problems in the last few matches.

Thus, the sweeter point remains in Rome, and Andrea Pirlo and Torinese are left with worries that extend to the upcoming two-week break. Anxiety remains, because Cristiano Ronaldo had to leave the game in the 75th minute due to injury.

Oscar for directing goes to football as a game. First prize for the lead role: Felipe Caicedo

It is not the first time that Juventus enters the season badly in the almost ten-year rule of Calcio. It happened with both Conte and Allegri, it didn't go smoothly with Sari either, but the difference between those times and this one is now in the coach.

Pirlo as a young and non-established expert has already drawn some doubts about himself. Both Conte and Allegri managed to lift and place the Old Lady where she belongs during the season.

Will Pirlo do the same? The key question is.
After several very bad releases and serious mistakes, there was a controversy about whether Juve made a mistake with the appointment of a novice expert.

Two convincing triumphs over Spezia (4: 1) and Ferencvaros in the Champions League calmed the earthquakes in Turin, and the new dropped "three" put Mozart in an awkward situation again, which brings with it the imperatives of winning from game to game, from week to week.

The impression is that Juventus will have a highway until the end of the year - only one seriously difficult game in Serie A, away game in Bergamo - but from this perspective, when everything is a must, it will be a hell of a finish of the first part of the season for the nine-time consecutive champion.

Lazio in fear

It is better to say the assessment and evaluation of whether it is material for great coaching achievements. Although without the first scorer Ciro Imobile and some other players important in the rotation, that is, with the diligent Luis Alberto, Lazio burst out in front of Ronaldo and company.

Also, due to the great uncertainty caused by the initiation of proceedings against the club due to non-compliance with the Covid procedure, the atmosphere has been seriously disturbed in recent days. Italian media are announcing very severe sanctions for Lotito nd the Romans, in the worst case, even ban from the league.

Simone Inzaghi and his Sky Blues had to deal with such newspaper articles while preparing this derby. And it certainly wasn't easy ...