Luke Shaw on Manchester City's treble: We can't let that happen again


Luke Shaw on Manchester City's treble: We can't let that happen again
Luke Shaw on Manchester City's treble: We can't let that happen again

In an interview with the media, Luke Shaw talked about the previous season, as well as the fact that Manchester City won the treble. This brilliant left-back believes that Manchester United must not allow their rivals to repeat the same.

The record previously held by the Red Devils (1999) was broken last year by Manchester City led by Pep Guardiola. Shaw thinks it's time for United's players to get serious and get their job right. "It hurt a lot. A lot," Shaw said, as quoted by
"All of us as players felt that, especially for me, seeing them come to the England camp.

It was really hard to take. We can't let that happen again.
It's our time now to start putting a stamp on things and not letting it always be so easy for them because, in the past, it's looked like that.
As players, we can't accept that any more."
Luke Shaw won four trophies in the 9 years he was at Manchester United.

His goal is to improve his score and do great things in this club. "Of course it's not enough," added Shaw. "I know that. The whole club knows that, I think.
To be successful we need to be challenging for every trophy and winning competitions.

We felt like we could have added another two competitions last season and I think we should have."

Luke Shaw

When you are a soccer player and want to become a star, many factors must be taken into account. Luke Shaw has always been a player who motivated others and demanded the maximum from them.

Injuries that marked much of his career caused him problems. However, Shaw does not want to look back on it and hopes that United can do great things in the future. "It's the attitude, the way we train, the intensity, the application that everyone brings in day in, day out.
The manager demands that every single day.

Even when you're at home he wants you to be at your best. He wants you to be doing the right things, living the right way, because football is our life - it's what we do day in, day out - and we need to do everything we can to get to the maximum level."

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