Bruno Fernandes Shows Unwavering Passion as Manchester United's New Captain


Bruno Fernandes Shows Unwavering Passion as Manchester United's New Captain

In a heartfelt interview following Manchester United's 2-0 friendly triumph over Arsenal, newly appointed captain Bruno Fernandes expressed his profound honour at receiving the prestigious armband and a steely determination to guide the Red Devils to an accomplished season.

A Captain with a Vision

Fernandes, ever-passionate and eager to live up to the mantle, has voiced his readiness to "give everything" in the quest for success in the upcoming season. He also unveiled insights into why head coach Ten Hag singled him out to succeed Maguire.

"There was a feeling I would like it to be me but I didn't hear," Fernandes said, reflecting on the anticipation surrounding the decision. "The manager wanted to tell the team together. It is really good to be captain of Manchester United, it is a big achievement in my career but now there is a lot of work to do." Fernandes credits his relentless work ethic, discipline, and fervour in the previous season for winning Ten Hag's trust.

"He liked the way I work, my discipline, everything I give, my passion, so I don't see why I should change," he stated, setting out his intention to stay true to his leadership style. Fernandes, known for his strong vocal presence and openness, seeks to create a transparent environment in which every player feels valued and knows their role.

His words reinforce his commitment to the collective success of the team, "Everything I said to them is because I think they can do good things because they are big players in the dressing room."

Ten Hag's Praise for a Promising Start

Expressing satisfaction at his squad's performance against Arsenal, coach Ten Hag lauded his team's active gameplay, both with and without possession.

His sentiment echoed that of a leader content with the early signs of progress and a keen sense of anticipation for the new season. "The way we played, I was really pleased, how active we were in and out of possession," said Ten Hag.

"That is the way we want to play and that is the only period of the year you can really work in training and translate it to games without it having consequences." Despite it being a friendly match, the thirst for victory was palpable, a testament to the team's grit and determination under the new leadership.

Ten Hag commended the quality of their opponent, acknowledging that such challenging matches against teams like Arsenal serve as crucial stepping stones towards growth.

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