Mauricio Pochetino becomes the new coach of Manchester United?

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Mauricio Pochetino becomes the new coach of Manchester United?

The misfortune of Manchester United lies in the fact that there is some quality in this team. And when it came to making plans for the new season, they were able to tie a few good games. If only all the big goals had slipped away.

And those some insignificant victories deceived the management. They left Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the bench. Only so that after the defeat by Istanbul, management would realize that this is not possible and that it is time for a serious strategist.

Specifically: that it is time for Mauricio Pochetino. Local Manchester Evening News, proverbially in good relations with the management, reported that United has already contacted former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochetino.

A journalist from the prestigious Athletic added that the Argentine had an offer from Barcelona this summer, which was known, but what is new is that Sam Pilger claims that he refuses her precisely because he was waiting for the giant from Old Trafford to call.

Manchester Evening News states that Solskjer could lose his job if he loses to Everton at Goodison on Saturday. Because Manchester could fall to the 17th position on the Premier League table. After all, United lost three games in the first seven rounds of the Premier League in the championship back in 1989.

Defense mistakes

The results are not the only problem. The amateur relegations of the last line in the defeat by Basaksehir appalled the fan public. Those two "print screens", scenes of Demba Ba alone in the center of the field, and even Edin Višća's later goal in a situation when three players of the English team were on the opposite tripod, simply have no justification.

Solskjaer did not try to find him either, he admitted that it was an unforgivable mistake before he said when asked about a possible dismissal. "I refuse to talk about it. Everyone has the right to an opinion, but we must be strong.

I am employed in the club to do the job and I do everything I can to do that ”. All he can do is not enough. Pochetino said just this week that he can hardly wait for a new job and it seems that now all the dice have matched.

However, the United should still pay compensation to Tottenham, because the Argentine still receives a salary of 10,000,000 euros a year from Tottenham. However, it is not an insurmountable obstacle - when you have to. And there are no overly emotional people in the United administration.

Solskjaer himself was called back in October 2018, two months before Jose Mourinho was fired. The Portuguese received the first call four months before he replaced Louis van Gaal. And the Dutchman knew what awaited him for weeks before David Moyes was fired.

Moyes and Van Gaal were expelled because United did not even reach the Champions League in 2014 and then in 2016. Mourinho is "pedaled" because after the 1: 3 defeat by Liverpool in the 17th round of the Premier League, he had 11 points less than the places that lead to the European elite. Solskjer is no better. On the contrary.