New UEFA Champions League 'floods' clubs with tons of money!

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New UEFA Champions League 'floods' clubs with tons of money!
New UEFA Champions League 'floods' clubs with tons of money!

The new UEFA Champions League will go from 32 clubs to 26 clubs. However, the new Champions League will above all have a very important positive economic impact for the clubs. The new edition, which will officially begin in the 2024-2025 season, will bring 3.5 billion dollars into the coffers of European clubs.

The 8 groups will not exist, transformed into a single group, while the total number of matches and matches between teams will grow. Each team will face at least two rivals from each pot, including their own. For UEFA, the review of the format is an obligatory step to rejuvenate the model as a whole.

Real Madrid and Manchester City, winners of the last two editions respectively, have both exceeded an average of €130m in revenue. Winning the new Champions League will make a substantial economic difference for clubs.

The new Champions League

The general criterion does not change: qualification for the UEFA Champions League will remain open and must always be achieved through placement in the league.
One of the extra places available will be assigned to the fifth federation in the UEFA ranking.

Another place will be awarded to a league winner, taking the number of clubs qualifying through the so-called Champions Path from four to five.
The main novelty is represented by the last two additional places that will go to the associations that achieved the best collective result in the previous season.

The two associations will earn a place that will go to the club that obtains the best position in the league immediately behind the positions that give qualification to the Champions League. The other big change is the absence of groups: no longer 8 distinct groups but a single group, conceived as a single championship.

Obviously, not all 36 will compete against all, but each team will be drawn with the same number of opponents The guaranteed matches are increasing: for each participating team, it will go from 6 in the current group stage (3 at home and 3 away) to 8 in the new Champions League (4 at home and 4 away), all against different opponents chosen by drawing lots.

UEFA has confirmed that all matches before the final will be played in the middle of the week, thus respecting the calendar of domestic competitions across Europe.
The 8 matches will be played over the 10 weeks of European cups scheduled.

Another novelty anticipated by Calcio e Finanza are the windows: it will start in September and the first phase will end with two days in January.

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