Maradona had a surgery on his head: he is fine

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Maradona had a surgery on his head: he is fine

Diego Armando Maradona, former Argentinian soccer star had a surgery on his head: now he is fine. Maradona was operated on in an emergency overnight in a clinic in Buenos Aires. He remained under surgery about an hour and a half to remove the subdural edema highlighted by the instrumental examinations carried out on Tuesday afternoon.

Doctors said: "The operation was perfectly successfu. The hematoma present between the skull and brain tissue has been removed without any complications and the patient is already awake and lucid. Now Maradona is under drainage, but he will be removed in the next few hours.

So far he has reacted very well, he has been strong. After waking up, he talked and joked in a good mood. But logically he is very tired and remains under observation. The hematoma that emerged from the instrumental tests was not particularly large.

The surgery itself did not present any complications, what worried most was the physical condition of the patient undergoing general anesthesia, because the clinical picture di Maradona indicated a significant weakening aggravated by anemia and a high level of dehydration.

But everything went right, the operation was a success."

Maradona had a surgery on his head: he is fine

At first, it was thought that Maradona would have been transferred to intensive care to monitor his reactions and awakening from anesthesia, particularly delicate in a subject with a complicated clinical picture like him.

Fans and media were waiting with bated breath outside the clinic. For subjects without significant pathologies it would have been an almost routine operation, but in the case of Maradona it was different. However, the former world champion will remain hospitalized for at least a week, in order to be able to monitor his evolution.

For the return to the bench, however, it is estimated that he will have to wait about a month. Accompanying Maradona before, after and during the delicate intervention were his daughters Dalma and Gianinna. The next 24 hours will serve to rule out any kind of complication, but Maradona's current conditions are even better than expected.

All Diez fans, the same ones who have posted a huge banner of encouragement outside the clinic where he is hospitalized, can breathe a sigh of relief. Diego Armando Maradona was famous for his soccer amazing skills, for his successes like te win of the FIFA World Cup in 1986 but also for all the controversies which he was protagonist during the years spent among FC Barcelona, Napoli SSC and Boca Juniors.