Andriy Shevchenko believes Milan can win the title

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Andriy Shevchenko believes Milan can win the title

It was almost completely forgotten when Milan had such a good start to the season in Serie A. After six rounds, the Rossoneri dropped only two of the maximum eighteen points and are first on the table ahead of Sassuolo with 14, and Juventus and Atalanta with 12 points each.

With the smallest investments in the last five years (around 20,000,000 euros), Stefano Pioli arranged the team as he imagined, according to the possibilities, and is currently leading the Italian football caravan. All this, without a shred of dilemma, is a great merit of the indestructible Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who even at the age of 39 plays top football and pushes the Rossoneri towards the Champions League.

Milan's good results were publicly praised by Andriy Shevchenko, who believes that this team can get more seriously involved in the fight for the title. Although such a statement is questionable because only six rounds have been played and the season is very long, but the legendary Rossoneri striker and former champion of Italy and Europe gave a strong wind in the back of the team ...

"This Milan can fight for the title. Of course, there are still many obstacles on that path, but Stefano Pioli finished last season very well and started this season even better ", Shevchenko is clear and adds: "This year, the most important thing is for the team to stay firmly on the ground for as long as possible."

"What makes a difference compared to almost all previous seasons in recent years is the spirit of unity that can be seen on the field."

Shevchenko on Ibrahimovic

Of course, he singles out Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the first violin.

"Milan is now like a perfectly composed orchestra. Everyone knows their role and they do it very well, and Zlatan is just perfect. Great praise goes to Pioli's account. Paolo Maldini is between Zlatan and Pioli, who have proven to be extremely good drivers of this formula.

" Although Ibrahimović is the first star in his late playing years, Sheva primarily emphasizes the team ... "There are many good people around Zlatan and Pioli who do their job well. Everyone is full of energy and desire, which is very nice to see.

However, this is not the time to set long-term goals for the team. There are still many challenges ahead of them. " Milan will meet the dangerous team of Verona in the next round of Serie A, and before that, Lille will come to the San Siro in the third round of the Europa League.