David Alaba disappointed with the situation about the contract extension

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David Alaba disappointed with the situation about the contract extension

The chances that David Alaba (28) will extend his contract and stay in Munich are minimal after everything that happened in the last 24 hours. The Bavarians simply lost patience. T hey remained consistent with themselves, did not allow anyone to blackmail them - not even the agents of one of the most important players - and decided to withdraw the offer that was on the table.

Speaking at a press conference before the match with Salzburg in the Champions League - and it will not be that the authorities accidentally pushed him in front of the press - the Austrian confirmed that the problem exists and that it is not something that can be easily solved.

He resented the fact that the details of the negotiations came to light, that is, the amount of his claims. "I would like some internal things to remain between us, in the club. That would be better," said the 28-year-old universalist.

"Since I am portrayed as I am portrayed, and all that is not true, then I can understand the reactions of the fans which are very negative towards me. I repeat, the figures that appeared in the media are true. I am disappointed and hurt that no one from the club denied it."


Alaba on his situation

Alaba then repeated his feelings towards the club he came to as a 16-year-old ... "Everyone knows how much I enjoy playing for Bayern. I feel very comfortable here and I am happy to be part of this team.

But after everything that has happened, I can't say how things will turn out in the future. None of the officials have talked to me about new situation " Let us also remind how the negotiations on the Bayern-Alaba representatives went: the first offer of the Bavarians was 11,000,000 euros fixed plus 6,000,000 through bonuses, only to be later raised to 18,000,000 euros and presented as final.

However, even that was not at the level of claims. Alaba's father George and agent Zahavi asked for more. Plus signature bonuses. Bild claims that even in regular conditions - and in the midst of the corona crisis - Bayern would not agree to such a high salary, because relations in the locker room would be disrupted.

The same source states that Zahavi raised the financial ladder because he allegedly has an offer from a club that would guarantee the Austrian 25,000,000 per year and 30,000,000 only for signing if he came as a free agent.

Needless to say, the list of interested parties is longer, and among the main candidates are certainly Real and Barcelona, ​​both Manchester, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and even Liverpool after the serious injury of Virgil van Dijk