The future of Kylian Mbappe will soon be decided!


The future of Kylian Mbappe will soon be decided!

At the end of last summer, Kylian Mbappe was supposed to leave PSG, but due to the persuasion of the French president and the head of PSG, he still chose to stay. It appears, however, that the chances of him staying with the club next season are slim at the moment.

Mbappe has informed PSG, according to media reports, that he will not extend his contract with the club. As a result of this, the big clubs in Europe set off a green alarm. There is no doubt that Real Madrid is the main competitor for his signature.

Last summer, Mbappe was supposed to go to Real Madrid, but he decided not to go. Due to this, Real Madrid fans were angry about the situation, emphasizing that they no longer wanted him to be a part of the team. It appears that Mbappe will finally be arriving at the biggest club in the world in a year, after 'passions calmed down.

There is a possibility that PSG could earn a lot of money by completing the deal this summer, which is a good thing for them. The following summer, Mbappe would leave the club as a free agent.

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There is still time for Kylian Mbappe to consider his future as well as to decide whether to extend his contract or not.

Due to the fact that PSG is nowhere near reaching the Champions League trophy, it is beyond doubt that the Frenchman has no prospects in the Parisian team. It is clear that Mbappe has a desire to raise such a trophy and what better place to accomplish such a feat than in Madrid? The club lost Leo Messi earlier this year, and Mbappe's departure would mean that PSG needs to rebuild their team from scratch.

As of late, they have been linked with several great players such as Osimhen and a number of others. It is expected that more information will be revealed in the next few weeks. It is certain that we are going to have an exciting summer this year.

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