CEO of FC Bayern München: We don't want mercenaries in the team

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CEO of FC Bayern München: We don't want mercenaries in the team
CEO of FC Bayern München: We don't want mercenaries in the team

Bayern Munich is known as a club that is regularly at the top of European football even though they have never spent huge money on reinforcements. The philosophy of Bayern was much different from that of the other giants of the European football scene.

In an interview with Bild am Sonntag, Jan-Christian Dreesen, who will replace Oliver Kahn as chief executive officer, has now commented on this matter. He emphasized that he wants players in the team who will fight for the badge.

"He must identify with us, with our values. We don't want mercenaries who go to another club every two years. We need players who radiate energy, who do their best for Bayern and its fans," said Dreesen.

Dressen on the team's philosophy

Dressen emphasized that the leaders of the club meet regularly to decide on important issues and potential reinforcements for the future.

"We meet regularly and talk about the names and contacts we should intensify. We go through individual positions, Thomas Tuchel and Marco Neppe present their ideas. It is necessary that Thomas is part of this circle. I also think that a creative, sometimes even controversial exchange is important " Dressen said.

Their goal is not just to bring in reinforcements that could make a difference, although that is a priority. However, in addition, Dreesen wants to build team spirit and faith. He is aware that he must look at the club as a whole if he really wants to create a team that can compete with the best.

"The issue of transfers and team composition has absolute priority. The second priority is equally important to me because it relates to the long-term perspective and that's why I'm here. To give something back to this club, which I describe as together - for each other: to go to work with joy, to trust each other, to make people more communicative with each other, to keep the doors open.

With the aim of serving Bayern and making it stronger. Mia san mia is not an empty phrase, but an attitude," he clearly said.