Toni Kroos 'sent a warning' to Jude Bellingham

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Toni Kroos 'sent a warning' to Jude Bellingham
Toni Kroos 'sent a warning' to Jude Bellingham

The arrival of Jude Bellingham caused real euphoria in Real Madrid. The fans of the Royal Club are looking forward to the fact that such a star will play in the midfield of their team next season. His arrival could also mean the departure of some midfielders, or at least that some will end up on the bench.

Toni Kroos could be one of those. In an interview with the media, the German commented on the arrival of Bellingham and warned him of the challenges that will follow. "[Bellingham] is a top player who a lot of teams wanted, with the mixture of his quality and his age," -Kroos said, as quoted by ESPN.

"I have a lot of faith in those responsible [at the club]. If Real Madrid have spent so much, I hope it's a good signing for us. If he does as well as at Dortmund, we can say it's a good signing. If not, it isn't. We also had someone who came for a lot of money and more or less let his career rest.

It was a lot of money and I think everyone
would say, looking back: it wasn't a good signing. But let's be optimistic."

Toni Kroos on Karim Benzema's departure

The departure of Karim Benzema saddened many Real Madrid fans.

The Frenchman spent 14 years at Real Madrid and left a big mark. Toni Kroos believes that Benzema had the freedom of choice and that he respects his choice. "The decision depends on you," -Kroos said on Benzema's exit. "There are circumstances which contribute.

Credit where credit is due, he arrived at Real at 20 or 21, and what he's given the club, the important goals he's scored ... Last year was the cherry on the cake. There haven't been many forwards in the last 15 years who have used the ball like him."

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