Ronaldo returns to the football fields!

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Ronaldo returns to the football fields!

Juventus has officially announced that Cristiano Ronaldo has been tested negative for the corona virus. Great news for Old Lady fans, but also for football fans in general. The Portuguese superstar has been out of the field since he tested positive for the corona virus during the national team break, and because of that he missed the Champions League match against Barcelona and his great rival Leo Messi.

The Bianconeri confirmed that the last test turned out to be negative, and that Ronaldo could come out of the house isolation in which he spent 19 days. Juventus has also officially confirmed that Ronaldo has won the crown.

"Cristiano Ronaldo did a test on the corona virus and he gave a negative result. The player thus recovered after 19 days and does not have to be in home isolation," the statement reads. What is the further procedure for Ronaldo? He will have to go for further medical examinations before he has the opportunity to return to the team.

He is expected to do those examinations tomorrow, and the Old Lady hopes that she could count on Ronaldo already against Spezia on Sunday in the Serie A game.

Ronaldo was frustrated

Ronaldo was quite annoyed when the first test confirmed that he was positive for the corona virus.

The second time he did the test again the test was positive and that caused frustration in him. The player who used to play most of the games of the season now had to rest for a long period of time and watch his team from the TV screen.

Given that we know what Cristiano Ronaldo's character is, it must have been hard for him to have to be at home and watch his team from TV, and not be in the stadium. It turned out that Juventus without Ronaldo is not the same team.

They imported a couple of desperate games in which there was no beauty, attractiveness or special ideas by Juventus players. There was a lack of authority on the field, someone who could move other players, who could disrupt the opponent's defense with a key pass and bring victory to a team like Juventus.

It is this player who is Cristiano Ronaldo, with whose return we will see a different Juventus who should not drop points so easily. However, it should be taken into account that Ronaldo cannot play alone and that other players must show why they play for Juventus and how important it is for them to play for Juventus.

Juventus' goal is to win Serie A again and try to get as far as possible in the Champions League. So far, they are not doing very well, but the season is long, so we don't know what awaits us