Inter's Steven Zhang Expresses Confidence Despite Loss, Stands by Striker Lukaku

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Inter's Steven Zhang Expresses Confidence Despite Loss, Stands by Striker Lukaku
Inter's Steven Zhang Expresses Confidence Despite Loss, Stands by Striker Lukaku

Despite the disheartening defeat at the hands of Manchester City, Inter front man Steven Zhang radiates optimism about his team's future. The performance of his squad, and particularly Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, is a testament to Inter's potential, according to Zhang.

Lukaku's Off Night and Zhang's Defiant Defense

In a night of missed opportunities, Romelu Lukaku, the robust Belgian striker, did not have his finest moments on the pitch. After replacing Edin Dzeka, he squandered several golden opportunities, the most glaring being his header directed straight at City goalkeeper Ederson from close range in the closing minutes.

Following the match, a wave of criticism engulfed Lukaku on social media. However, the storm was met with a robust defense from Inter's owner Steven Zhang. He praised Lukaku's skills and expressed negotiations with Chelsea regarding Lukaku's contract.

"He’s an incredible guy," Zhang said of Lukaku. "He’s under contract with Chelsea, and we’ll have to talk to them to see what happens."

A Proud Performance and Optimism for the Future

Despite the setback, Zhang remained resolutely proud of his team's performance in the pivotal match.

"I want to congratulate everyone from all parts of Inter. They all gave 100%," he said, emphasizing his confidence in the foundation laid for future success. "We showed our qualities without fear, regardless of the final result," Zhang added.

"I think the mentality and quality of our players is of a high standard. We're inferior to no one, and everyone saw that tonight." Addressing the skeptics who thought Inter would be steamrolled, Zhang countered, "Everyone thought it wouldn’t even be a contest.

We're really proud of the match, but a final always has to have a winner and a loser. We're very confident about the foundations we’ve laid." Regarding the high average age of the squad, Zhang articulated, "I’ve learned from football that a winning team needs a mix of youngsters and veterans." Finally, in a show of sportsmanship, Zhang congratulated Manchester City on their European championship title, labeling them the "strongest team in the world".

Despite the loss, Zhang’s confidence and optimistic vision underscore the future possibilities for Inter.

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