Simone Inzaghi reveals how to stop Erling Haaland


Simone Inzaghi reveals how to stop Erling Haaland

Simone Inzaghi will have the most difficult test in his career. It will also be the most important match for him. In a few hours, Inter Milan will play the Champions League final against Manchester City. The Blues are huge favorites in this match, but in the final of this kind of competition, you cannot underestimate your opponent.

Inter is playing great under Inzaghi this season. They have already won the Italian Cup, finished third in Italy, and now the most important match in the last 13 years awaits them. Let's remind you, they played the last final in 2010, when they also won this trophy.

The biggest danger for Inter will be Erling Haaland. The Italian expert commented on the games of this young striker and revealed how he plans to stop him; ‘We all know what a great player he is and how strong City are,’ -Inzaghi said, as quoted by METRO.

‘He will be marked tightly. However we will keep a close eye on all the City players. We need to stop Haaland and also the other players. The midfield will be key tomorrow but all areas will be important. We will need to run and we need hearts and minds too.

We need to go the extra yard tomorrow.'

Simone Inzaghi on the match

Inzaghi emphasized that nuances could decide in the end. The Italian expert, judging by everything, also believes that penalties could be taken at the end.

'We need to stay sharp and focused, we need to give our all, we need heart to get over the finishing line. We need to be at our best tomorrow. The fine details will be key to winning tomorrow. We have practiced penalties all season long.

We will practice and prepare for penalties. City have a solid defence, they afford a few chances.' He is aware of what kind of team Manchester City is, and he will seriously enter this match. ‘We need to be our best to beat them.

They are a complete side, we know what team we will face tomorrow. They are a respected side, we need to be up to standard.’

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