Jose Mourinho disatisfied with the game against Antwerp

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Jose Mourinho disatisfied with the game against Antwerp

There are situations when you are the coach of a powerful club. You have substitues that cost 10 times more than a rival, so you think that this is a real chance to give them a chance to show that they deserve more minutes.

In Europe, it can be inconvenient. Especially in the Europa League, because the importance of competition is not the same for everyone. Tottenham players, who played in the Champions League final in 2019, are certainly less important than their colleagues from Antwerp.

And it hit them hard on the head in Belgium. And he didn't dare, because Jose Mourinho rotated as many as nine players and all of them, at least in theory, had to be hungry. Instead, a pale edition of Tottenham and already four changes of Mourinho at half time… “If I could I would make 11 of them!

I didn't dare all five, because I was afraid for 45 long minutes. In the end, Antwerp got what it deserved. The better team won, the worse lost ", the Portuguese frowned after the 0: 1 defeat. He does not regret, however, that he experimented at all.

After all, there is no doubt that Tottenham will pass the group. But an edition like this does not serve the image of the club.


"You all know our best 11. I always like to think that all players deserve a chance.

We have a great team. And if you have a chance, you should embrace it with all your might and ask for more. After this, my future choices will be very easy ", Mourinho's message to the players is clear. Among them is Dele Ali, one of those who was replaced at half time.

"I don't want to analyze the players individually. It is fair to say that bad games of the players affect the team. But the team's poor play also affects individual releases. " Interestingly, after the match, Mourinho announced himself on Instagram.

With a picture of him sitting in an empty bus… “Bad releases deserve bad results. I hope everyone on the bus is as upset as I am. Training tomorrow at 11 am " It seems that Tottenham under Mourinho is similar to Manchester United, which was led by the Portuguese.

In some moments they play great, they achieve a victory over a much stronger rival, but in easier games it is as if the players have no motive and it costs them defeat. We must not forget what kind of coach Mourinho is and how much he can mentally influence the players.

On the other hand it seems that many players after this game will not see the first 11 for long and that Mourinho is quite annoyed by substitutes.