BREAKING: Xavi: "Leo Messi will decide next week whether to return to Barcelona"


BREAKING: Xavi: "Leo Messi will decide next week whether to return to Barcelona"

Xavi, champion of the Spanish La Liga with Barcelona, gave an interview with the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, talking about the return of Leo Messi to Barcelona. The Spanish manager explained: "Messi? I've already said it many times, here he has the doors open, I'm the coach and I know he would help us if he decides to come, but in the end I think we have to leave him alone for a while.

Finish the season, he has a lot of respect for Paris Saint-Germain, he wants to finish in the best possible way, his contract expires and then he has earned all the right in the world to decide where to go, where to end his career.

About the soccer question, it depends on him, for me there is no doubt. If Leo decides to come, the doors are open. I am the staff manager, he has all the confidence and all the enthusiasm of the staff to become part of it.

There is no doubt. Next week he will make a decision and he will have to be left alone. In the end, if we talk about Leo every day, I don't think it will add up. He will decide next week and now there are 200 hypotheses. He will decide its future and here the doors are open, there is no doubt."

Not just Messi: Xavi talked about Barcelona transfer market

Xavi told: "In attack we have Ansu, we have Ferran, who can play from nine, and Lewandowski.

The attack is not a priority, the defensive midfielder is, Busquets is leaving and we don't have a natural substitute. Jordi Alba is also starting, but We have Marcos and Balde. On Carrasco from Atlético Madrid we have an option that Mateu has negotiated and we will see.

It all depends on next week. He is a player I like. Rapinha is a very important player for me. If it were up to me, He would stay at Barça. Bernardo Silva if Messi didn't arrive? No, well, that would be wonderful, but he's also a very difficult City player. Ilkay Gundogan, on the other hand, is out of contract and everyone wants to come to Barça.

What worries me the most it's not the situation of the free agent, I'm worried about the financial fair play situation. We don't know what we can do on the market, we are uncertain every day, I have to ask if there's any news, if we can go for this player or the other.

Next week we will know exactly where we stand. However, my renewal won't be a problem, I've already said it many times, I will never be a problem for the club. We're working on it, I think sooner or later we'll agree."

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