Jurgen Klopp on the chance for Borussia Dortmund: I'm nervous


Jurgen Klopp on the chance for Borussia Dortmund: I'm nervous

Borussia Dortmund will have an ideal chance in the last round of the Bundesliga to secure the title. Their opponent will be Mainz. Edin Terzic's team will do their best to lift the trophy they have been waiting for so long. Jurgen Klopp, who was the manager of Mainz and Dortmund, revealed in an interview with the media that he follows the Bundesliga and obviously feels nervous before the important match between Dortmund and Mainz.

‘Yeah – I’m not dead! I’m alive, of course [I’m following it]. I’m a bit nervous as well to be honest. I can say in this case that I would be happy if Dortmund wins against Mainz for once, no problem.

It would have been a bit more tricky if Mainz had won their last game, then I think they would have had a chance to qualify for Europe but I think that’s off the table.' - he said, as quoted by METRO. Klopp hopes that Dortmund will be able to win the championship.

The German expert emphasized that he is in contact with the Bosnian coach, Edin Terzic. Besides him, Klopp is also in contact with other members of Borussia Dortmund. ‘Yes, I hope Dortmund will win. I think it’s been long enough.

I know Edin very well, I know a lot of people very well at Dortmund. We were always in contact and we are now in contact. I know what it would mean to the city, and in general. I can imagine Bayern sees it differently, but it’s not fun if the same team always becomes the champion.

And we all know Bayern will strike back next year anyway, so if there’s a gap they [Dortmund] have to run through it.'

Jurgen Klopp and his impressions

Klopp is aware of how important this match is and what is at stake.

There will be huge pressure on Dortmund. They are aware of what is at stake and what awaits them in this match. ‘I really hope [they do it]. There were ups and downs, but it looks like they can do it. But nobody thinks they did it already there.

If I was in the chair it would be the most intense period of your life, the day before a game like this when everybody is planning the party and stuff like this, and you have to say, “Yeah, but don’t bother me with this”.

It’s really tricky. So it’s a big one and I just hope they can get through it. It would be massive. ’

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