Frank Lampard and his impressions after the defeat against Manchester United


Frank Lampard and his impressions after the defeat against Manchester United

Frank Lampard could not be pleased with his team's performance after the defeat by Manchester United (4:0). The English expert was satisfied with the game in the first half. However, even that was not enough for something more, given that the result was 2:0.

‘We were the better football team in the first half – in possession, chances we matched them at least,’- Lampard said, as quoted by METRO ‘To be 2-0 down is probably a sign of where we’re at.

Second half, probably a sign of where we’re at.'
Lampard believes that his players must take chances. The Chelsea defense also looked desperate in last night's game. Lampard is aware that they have to work on it. 'Our goal count for the season shows it’s a problem we don’t score goals enough.

We gave them some threats in the first half but not many in the first half. Some of the defending in the second half showed why we play a back five at times. Disappointed with it. We have to be better than that. It’s the end of a long season.

There are some technical details inside you have to work daily to do the standards things you say, they are a fact. Maybe with United you see there’s some experience at both ends of the pitch that made the game as it was.

It’s a reality for the players.'

Frank Lampard on Chelsea

Chelsea will have to work on a lot if they want to improve things next season. There are many 'bad' things inside the club. There are many players who do not deserve to wear the shirt of the London team at the moment.

Any team that wins or consistently gets results has standards. Without them the tactics don’t matter. Training well every day, trying to win, being a collective unit. I understand it’s hard for the coaches this year at the club as it’s a big squad and I’ve lived in that.

Sometimes you can say maybe it’s a factor but as a player you have to put it to the side and focus on your own game.’ Since I’ve come in I’ve realised some of the collective standards. We have to realise why the club is where it’s at.

There’s definitely not a lack of effort. I was fortunate to be here for many years, you can be here the next year and see that someone has improved on their standards.'

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