Pirlo believes in his team and believes they are not experienced enough

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Pirlo believes in his team and believes they are not experienced enough

Juventus scored three times against Barcelona, ​​Alvaro Morata hoped the same number of times, but not that his name was not on the list of scorers, but the Old Lady ended the game without a shot on goal. Bianconer's best and most experienced player, Cristiano Ronaldo, was not there, and Andrea Pirlo sees the fact that the team he leads lacks experience in big European matches like tonight's as the main cause of the defeat.

"We have to work until we reach the level of Barcelona. We knew that it would be extremely difficult against a team that is used to playing games like this, while we are a young team and a growing project. "This will be a useful experience for football growth and progress," said the young Italian expert.

The main question was, did Juve's midfield with Rabiot and Bentancourt in the middle, ie Quadrado and Kulusevski on the flanks lack quality, compared to the midfield that the Italian champion had when Pirlo was an active footballer?

Young players

“Clubs have their eras, and we have had great footballers with vast international experience.

Now the majority in the middle of the field are young players who will need time to reach that level." " I hope that a few players will return to us soon, because in these circumstances I don't have many options for rotation.

Many players play 90 minutes twice a week. It is not easy, especially because most of them are young and inexperienced. " Fabio Capello pointed out for the Italian Sky Sport that there were not many balls for Federico Chiesa, but that the majority went to the feet of Paulo Dybala, who was often doubled.

"We have to have a faster flow of the ball, in order to create one-on-one situations on the flanks more easily. The idea was for Chiesa to play widely, to leave room for him to aim at one rival, but they easily closed us down ", concluded Pirlo.

It seems that Juventus will not be nearly as good as the previous ones this season. It is now questionable whether they will be favorites for the Serie A title. For now, they haven't had a worse season for a long time. They are doing badly in Serie A without Cristiano Ronaldo, and it shows how important such a player is for a team like Juventus.

However, we know how big Juventus is and many do not doubt that Juventus will be able to find the right form and show that they are still number one in Italy.