Ryan Giggs believes he will have no chance of leading United again

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Ryan Giggs believes he will have no chance of leading United again

The chance came, Ryan Giggs did not grab her with both hands and she sailed away. The train left the station. The selector of the Wales national team, the legendary football player of Manchester United, believes that he will not get the opportunity to lead the club in which he spent his entire playing career in the near future, a club that is his football ID card.

When David Moyes was fired in 2014, Ryan Giggs got a chance as acting president, led the team in four games, achieved a balance of two wins, draws and defeats. And in tears he left the bench at the end of the season, admitting that the pressure was unbearable, that he had not slept at night.

"To be honest, I wanted a job when Moyes was replaced. But I wasn't ready for him. There is a trend in the world of football in recent years that young coaches, who played for that club, get jobs. However, at that time, when I was briefly on the United bench, older experts were still seen as a more reliable option, "Giggs said on the show Great Game.

Coaching Wales

Giggs remained in the professional staff of the Red Devils after that, when the manager was Louis van Gaal. "I wanted a job when Moyes left, I had four games, but I wasn't ready. However, when Van Gaal was replaced, I felt that I was ready to take the position of manager, but I was not even close to getting a job.

" The train has therefore passed and Giggs believes that he will not be given a chance again in the near future. "I am more than ready to take over United now, but I think it's a done deal. The chance has passed, I will not get a new one.

I am happy with the job I am doing, so I do not see the possibility of the possibility of going to Manchester again in the near future." "I enjoy being the coach of Wales, there are many beautiful things, although many frustrating ones.

It is certain that I will return to club football one day, but I don't know where and when, "said Ryan Giggs. Giggs is doing well with Wales, he won a direct place in the European Championship. We can only wonder what Manchester United would look like today under the leadership of Ryan Giggs and whether he would be able to achieve success with his home club.

Currently at the helm of the club is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who is solid for now and is on track to achieve greater success than his predecessors.