Mikel Arteta 'feels pain' after losing his chances for the title

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Mikel Arteta 'feels pain' after losing his chances for the title
Mikel Arteta 'feels pain' after losing his chances for the title (Provided by Sport World News)

After losing to Nottingham Forrest 1:0, Arsenal definitely lost in the race for the Premier League champion. Manchester City will be champion for the third year in a row, while Arsenal will have to wait for another chance.

Mikel Arteta was visibly disappointed after the defeat. He emphasized that his team must work on many aspects if they want to be competitive again. "This is my job, this is our job and this is what this club deserves. I know we’re not at that level, but we have to find a way.

This is not enough. It’s not going to change in three months time. We need to be at that level but we need to find other ways to do it. For example today we needed to play much better. This is my responsibility."- the Spanish expert said, as quoted by goal.com

Mikel Arteta on his team

This is a painful day, not only for the manager of Arsenal, but also for the fans of this club.

During the whole season they held the first place, it looked like they could win the title, but the end of the season brought a big drop for the London team. Guardiola and his players took the chance. Arteta, however, accepted responsibility for the defeat.

“First of all congratulations to Man City, they are the champions, they deserve to be the champions. They’ve done it for 38 games, we haven’t been able to do that and that’s it. From my side I apologise because we generated that belief we could do it and at the end the team wasn’t able to do it and it’s my responsibility.

Today is painful. We’re here to win, I want to win, I love winning, I love what everyone does at this club to win. When you don’t get there it’s painful. This is how I feel today. I value a lot what the players have done yes, but when you are there, the next step is you have to win. We fell short."

Mikel Arteta