Frank Lampard on Kevin de Bruyne's departure from Chelsea


Frank Lampard on Kevin de Bruyne's departure from Chelsea

Kevin de Bruyne is probably the best player in the Premier League at the moment, along with names like Erling Haaland, Harry Kane, etc.. What is known to all Premier League fans is that the Belgian was once a Chelsea player.

However, he did not stay there for long, and many still wonder what the main problem was. Frank Lampard, once his teammate and now Chelsea coach, recalled the moments when the two were teammates. "I’ve always liked Kevin as a player,’ said Lampard, as quoted by METRO.

"I liked him when he was with us at Chelsea and we were team-mates and I like him now as a top-class midfield player. When I think back to his time at Chelsea, at that time we were mainly playing a 4-2-3-1 formation, and I was playing a bit deeper as one of the two sixes.

Kevin was fighting more for the No.10 position or one of the two wide players." Lampard talked about the qualities that De Bruyne possesses. Even then it was clear that he was a great talent. "So I wouldn’t say we were particularly in competition for a place in the side, but you could see his quality.

Kevin’s a fantastic player and he’s become a top, top player for Manchester City over the past few years. He’s certainly going to be one of many threats we will have to plan for."

Frank Lampard on De Bruyne

Frank Lampard emphasized that he does not know what happened between the then management, the coach, and De Bruyne.

Many consider it the biggest mistake by Chelsea in recent history. ‘When he was with us in his younger days, we were probably quite well stacked in those attacking areas. Eden [Hazard] was here, [Andre] Schurrle was here, Juan Mata was here and what I remember from Kevin was a real hunger and desire to come in and play.

I don’t personally know the intricacies of what happened at the time between him, the club and the manager but looking back now I respect the fact he did leave to play regular football. You can see that hunger in his game and he’s always wanted to showcase that talent he’s got.

He’s gone from strength to strength, he’s had an incredible rise as a player and I love watching him play. To get the numbers he gets, through goals and assists from midfield is fantastic and his range of passing is amazing. If it’s not the best in the league, it’s certainly right up there."

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