Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Age is just a number

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Age is just a number

Recently, a man close to the events in European football told us that out of curiosity, he inquired about the condition of Zlatan Ibrahimović. Milan entered the season with Ibra as one of the classic top players, and it was unrealistic for many to expect Ibrahimović to present the season and play every game in those years.

Milan took a lot of risks here… “Are you crazy? He trains like a 'dog', he can do this for a few more years ", said Ante Rebić to that man, who has been sharing the locker room with Zlatan since the beginning of the year.

And that is all we need to know about the miracle of nature called Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Those who do not love him because of his arrogance will never love him. Those who love him since he appeared on the big stage 20 years ago will love him even more.

But definitely, everyone has to respect him. Because what Zlatan Ibrahimović is doing on the field at the age of 40 is a miracle of nature After five rounds in Serie A, Ibrahimovic is the league's top scorer with six goals.

Although he missed two matches due to the coronavirus. And those two matches against the small teams of Spezia and Crotone, which would surely shake the net. After all, he gave two away to Bologna, two more in the derby against Inter, and two more in the derby against Roma.

For the first, 108 seconds on the field were enough for him! In total, Ibrahimović has scored 18 goals in 25 matches in 2020 since arriving in Milan. That is no record. More efficient than him this year are Lewandowski, Ronaldo, Lukaku, Halland, Immobile… But none of them is on the threshold of the fifth decade of their lives, and none of them carries a young team on their backs alone, which has been deprived of any self-confidence.

Milan before Ibahimovic

Until Ibra stepped into the locker room in the winter, Milan's team was demoralized, scared, and unaware of their qualities. With his arrival, everything changed. He brought that characteristic spirit of his defiance.

We can also say Balkan spite. But above all, a winning mentality. Ibra did not want to spend the last years of his career swimming on average and pouring from the hollow into the empty, which has been Milan's everyday life in recent years.

He came to win and made his teammates believe in those victories. Alessio Romagnoli wears the captain's armband, but it is known who is the boss in Milan from the winter. It started a little slower. Zlatan scored four goals in 10 matches, and Milan achieved five victories with two defeats.

And then the crown broke the season. When Milan returned to the field after three and a half months, it was a completely different team. Ibrahimovic's team. Not to believe what a change in the games, the attitudes in the minds of Milan's players.

A series of Rossoneri invincibility has been going on ever since. Exactly 22 matches. Ibra played 15 games in that series, scored the same number of goals, and recorded five more assists.